"The program that I did with Camilo in 2017 has been super helpful for the development of my personal skills, and has had a great impact in all areas of my life, including my work. Camilo's charisma and kindness made this training the most fun I’ve ever done. I highly recommend it! "

Elsa Bastidas, Automotive Buyer Specialist, Robert Bosch Mexico


"It's a totally different program and structure, with relevant and up-to-date topics that you do not always have in mind in your day-to-day vision / work."
Susana Gama, Corporate Purchasing: Lead Buyer Logistics Services | Bosch


     "For me it was an experience of self-knowledge that allowed me to understand how prepared I am to face the challenges of the future. The program has a lot to add, makes you put things into practice and lead a better life, a happier life. "
Xósem Amero, Founder and Director of Story Typers


     "The program arrived at the perfect moment for me, it helped me to be aware of my unconscious side. The techniques and methodologies are great tools to not lose focus. "
Carlos Lorenzo, Host | Impact Hub DF


     "A change of habits, a change of mindset, and my life changed. One of the best experiences I've had."
Karina Contreras, Sales / Foreign Trade | Bosch


     "It's about finding a corrected and augmented version of yourself. Without a doubt an incredible experience. "
Stefany Garduño, Foreign Trade | Bosch


          "Do not lose the experiential style, the way you follow up and, above all, the personalized attention. I also liked that it was not the typical frontal teaching classes, but it was always very interactive. "
Cuauhtémoc Chavarría, Independent Consultant


     "It was a great experience, full of learning and focused on replacing old habits to generate personal improvements."
Paola Valentino, Human Resources Analyst

     "The experience, the atmosphere, the incredible staff, make you feel like at home."
Gabriel Moreno, IT Regional Leader Commercial Division


"I am very happy with the program. It is complete and comprehensive; It covers several important aspects to be a great leader - even issues that you didn’t expect to be relevant, such as nutrition. I also liked that it was not the typical classes, but it was always very interactive."
Rebekka Hein, Trade Marketing Specialist-Latin America


     "More than a training is a community focused on making a difference. I am very grateful to have exchanged experiences and knowledge with people who have entrepreneurial and innovative ideas. I take treasured teachings."
Ricardo Prieto, Process Optimization & Information | Bosch

     "The focus of the program on personal skills development helped me to better understand myself and showed me the way to be a better version of myself. I appreciate that you showed excellent leadership qualities, a different and updated view of global trends, and especially, showed me that I can now contribute more to the people around me. "
Jana Cervinska, Purchasing Professional


     "A great program that brings out the best in you, to apply it both in your work and in your personal life. The content of each module was always very appropriate, with very practical exercises that facilitated learning. The facilitators were true experts in their respective subjects, and very inspiring."
Fátima García, independent consultant


     "What I liked the most was the way you treat everything holistically: mind-heart-body. This is CONGRUENT with our day to day, we can enhance our professional part without losing our personal life."
Alejandra de los Reyes, Security Systems / Sales Engineer


     "It helped me find the best version of myself, both professionally and personally."
Arturo Lezama, L.A. Specialist | Bosch


      "What I liked the most about the program was its format, totally experiential, and I also loved the amazing people that were part of my generation."
Pablo Sánchez, Founder of Biochemical Water Technologies


"The program was a before-and-after experience that helped me define my point of view to an endless number of subjects and personal matters. You helped me rediscover the best version of myself; to be aware and solve my vices, and to start each day with a better attitude. I was surprised that several people noticed my change. Thank you for accompanying me to activate all these skills. "
Paloma Díaz, Finance Planning


     "This is one of the most valuable programs I have taken. I met many people who enriched my development, everyone contributed something that will stay with me forever. The thing I appreciated the most is to have actionable “missions” that every day move you towards your of your purpose."
Nydia Rodríguez, Operations Director | Impact Hub DF


     "It was amazing. It reminds you what you're really passionate about and it helps you find yourself back in this fast-paced life. I will never forget this experience. "
Carolina Basilio, Corporate Purchasing


     "A very complete program that makes you analyze things that you didn’t think you needed to analyze. Totally recommend it!"
Lenin Velásquez, Engineer | Bosch


     "It was an exceptional experience, very different from conventional courses. I really like that you first strengthen your personal core to then apply it to your working life. Many times we forget that we need to be well ourselves in order to connect with others. "
Susana Lara, Financial Analyst


     "You know that conversation with your best friend that changes your life? This program is like that, but multiplied by 100! Thank you very much for bringing so many good people together and for creating unforgettable moments! "
Roberta Pacheco, Business Strategy Entrepreneur


     "Excellent program! Somehow you managed to push me to start from within and become a leader of myself first. Now I feel more confident to lead others."
Paulina Merino, Team Leader of Quality Assurance


     "The program has definitely given me so much, more than I expected. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone."
Gabriela Nacar, Corporate Lawyer



"From initial conversations to the conclusion of the training, Camilo was always available to sit down with me and dive deep into the details, the context of our company, and work together to personalize the experience for us."
Christian Jiménez, Government and Innovation Subdirector | Banorte

"With his masterclass "Your competitive advantage for the future", he addressed the qualities and skills that entrepreneurs should have to strengthen their leadership. The session was very dynamic and he included very relevant examples that helped him catch the attention of a tough crowd. We all had very insightful processes of reflection and engaged discussions. A pleasure to work with Camilo."
Armando Laborde, Partner at New Ventures

"I really liked the practicality of this experience, the tactics to apply it in our day to day make the difference. It added tons of value to me and all the participants, and on top, it was very entertaining. Camilo, you transmit an incredible peace and experience."
Sara Hussni, Director at Activa Foundation


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